HYAA Baseball and Softball Fields

Collins Field255 Orange Grove StreetT-Ball, MP30, Rookie, Softball
Map to Collins Field

The road goes past the gas station and small businesses, then it turns into a rock road as it turns left into the woods.
Exchange Field331 Exchange Park LnExchange division
Map to Exchange Field

Schley Field3416 Schley RdSchley division
Map to Schley Field

Cedar Grove Field5800 Hwy 86 NDiamond and Exchange games as well as practices for other divisions
Map to Cedar Grove Field

Located in Cedar Grove on Highway 86. Go North from Hillsborough on Hwy 86 and the complex is on the left after the Carr Store Rd/Sawmill Rd intersection.
Efland Cheeks Field117 Richmond RoadSome softball games
Map to Efland Cheeks Field

HYAA Headquarters220 Orange Grove St
Map to HYAA Headquarters

If you are on S. Churton St., we are located at the back right side of the building.