Welcome to Hillsborough Youth Athletic Association!

We are a nonprofit organization who, for over fifty years, has offered sports programs for kids from 4 – 15 years old. Our current programs are baseball and softball. We are entirely volunteer-run and are governed by a Board of Directors.

Our mission is to provide sports in an atmosphere that emphasizes teamwork, encouragement, and respect while teaching competitive play at appropriate age levels.

We’re glad you’re here!

If you can’t find the answer to your question(s) here, please feel free to contact the webmaster or any of the league commissioners. The commissioner e-mail addresses can be found on the Contact Us page of this website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is HYAA?

Hillsborough Youth Athletic Association is a nonprofit entity organized for the purpose of operating a youth sport programs in the Hillsborough area.

2. How long has HYAA been in existence?

While HYAA was incorporated in 1976, the present day organization is the legacy of a youth baseball program which began in the late 1960s and has grown to include softball.

3. What are HYAA’s priorities in working with children?

We believe that team games like baseball and softball are a fun way to teach values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, doing your best, encouraging others, respecting each other and one’s opponent, and winning or losing with dignity. Every child is important to us. We have an opportunity, through our coaches and volunteers, to make a meaningful, positive, and long-lasting impact on every child.

4. What other sports does HYAA offer?

HYAA only administers a youth baseball and softball program which is open to boys and girls.

5. Does HYAA work with families that cannot afford the registration fee?

Yes. We offer a scholarship (i.e., no fee) to any child that requires it. We do not turn any child away because of affordability issues. A parent only needs to ask.

6. How many employees does HYAA have?

There are no employees. HYAA is run exclusively by a group of volunteers. There is no paid staff.

7. How is HYAA managed?

A volunteer Board of Directors, generally consisting of between 18 and 24 individuals, directs the activities of HYAA. Board members are elected to serve three year terms. The Board elects a President, Vice President/President Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary. To be eligible for Board membership, an individual must have a child play for HYAA and/or volunteer in some capacity for HYAA for a period of at least one season before being nominated for Board membership. Proposed Board members are nominated and voted on each September.

8. How is HYAA funded?

HYAA is funded through a variety of sources. Among them are the registration fees for players, local businesses which sponsor our teams, and revenue from concessions and t-shirt sales. We also have one major fundraiser each year. Major expenses include uniforms, field maintenance, umpires, equipment, concessions, and insurance.

9. Where does HYAA hold its games/practices?

See the Field Locations page.

10. Does HYAA hold tryouts?

We do not hold tryouts for our recreational teams. T-ball (4-5) and MP30 (6) teams are randomly formed. For the other divisions, we do conduct evaluations of all players. Our goal is to achieve as much parity as possible among our teams. We strive to ensure, through the evaluation and placement of players, that each team has at least two capable pitchers and a catcher. After those positions are filled, players are drafted by the coaches in a supervised fashion to round out the rosters.

The HYAA Hawks travel teams do have tryouts when needed.

HYAA Activities By Month
 Board Meetings1 per month. (None in December)
 Spring Registration (walk-in) 
 Player Evaluations 
 Team Drafts 
 Spring Practice Begins 
 Opening Day / Picture Day 
 Annual Food Drive 
 Regular Season Tournaments Begin 
 All Star Teams Form 
 All-Star Travel BallAll-Star Teams compete in tournaments on several weekends.
 Fall Ball Registration Opens On-Line 
 Fall Ball Registration Walk-In 
 Annual MeetingBoard Officers and Commissioners seated.
 Fall Ball Practice Starts 
 Fall Ball Games Start 
 Fall Ball Ends 
 Spring Planning & Marketing Begins 
 Christmas Parade1st Saturday
 Spring Registration Opens On-Line