Board of Directors

The HYAA Board of Directors consists entirely of volunteers working together to promote and share youth baseball in the Northern Orange County Community of Hillsborough, NC. Fortunately, we are supported by many, many parent volunteers, players and coaches not only in Hillsborough, but in the neighboring communities of Durham, Chapel Hill, Mebane, Efland, Cedar Grove and beyond. The board nominates / votes on candidates each September and the new directors begin a three-year term in September. To be eligible for a position on the board, a prospective director must have been involved in the league for a minimum of one season (as a parent, volunteer, coach, etc…).

Term Expires 2017
Director Name Position E-Mail
Mike Garner Diamond Comissioner
Survey Coordinator
Chris Lamb Marketing
Kurt Sikes Past President
County Relations
Brian Phillips
Beverley Manning Secretary
Concessions Coordinator
Player Agent
Picture Coordinator
Ryan Mathis Rules Committee Chair
Ashley Pope
Justin Tillett Rookie Commissioner
Term Expires 2018
Director Name Position E-Mail
Greg Goddard Softball Commissioner
Kim Long Player Agent
Brian Matthews  Marketing
 Billy Perkins
Ryan Scherle  Exchange Commissioner
Annette Smith Player Agent
Social Media Coordinator
Robert Smith President
Kevin Woods  Trophy Coordinator
Term Expires 2019
Director Name Position E-Mail
Curtis Howell T-ball & MP30 Commissioner
Matt Howell Equipment Coordinator
Christmas Parade Coordinator
Ryan O’Keefe Schley Commissioner
Uniform Coordinator
Vice President
Wendie O’Keefe Schedule Coordinator
Ashley Macneir
Beverly Manning Concessions Coordinator
Sam Sawyer  Fundraising Committee Chair
Jennifer Tyll