Durham Bulls Tickets

HYAA players are now selling tickets for Durham Bulls games. For full details, please see the Bulls Ticket Information Page.

Spring 2015 schedule for recreational baseball and softball:

  • week of March 16: First practices
  • April 11: Opening day & picture day

More detailed schedules are available in the sidebar at the right. —>

HYAA Happenings

HYAA publishes a periodic newsletter called HYAA Happenings. The most recent version is the January 2015 edition. Previous versions are still available from the HYAA Happenings page. To ensure you never miss a newsletter, please add your name to our subscription list.

Triple Play Challenge

The Triple Play Challenge was held on May 10. See the schedule of Triple Play Challenge Events. Final results will be presented at the TPC awards day. After awards day, updates will be available on the TPC page.

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