Other Teams

Hawks Team

Hawks is a division focusing on a higher level of competitive baseball. Hawks teams play travel tournaments throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Players in this division must be selected by the approved coaching staff each fall and spring. Players are typically selected by open tryouts, but tryouts are only held when a new team is being formed or an existing team has open positions. Hawks players do not participate in the recreational divisions.

The Hawks teams have rigorous training and travel demands. They practice several days a week and participate in many competitive tournaments throughout the season.

The number and age level of Hawks teams varies from season to season depending on the level of player interest and the availability of qualified coaches. Any coach wishing to form a new Hawks team must have prior experience coaching within the HYAA system.

World Series Teams

In some recreational divisions, a World Series is played after the end of the regular season. Players are selected to participate at the coaches’ discretion and based on player availability.

Coaches are asked to choose players based on criteria exhibited during the season including: effort, attendance, attitude, and ability.

All-Star Teams

Thank you for your interest in the HYAA All Stars! The All-Star teams consist of the top players who have played in HYAA recreational divisions. They play in tournaments throughout the summer, between the spring and fall recreational seasons. Tryouts for All-Star teams are held in the middle of the spring recreational season.

Please read these documents before the tryouts:

If you want to volunteer as a coach, you are required to complete a coaching application. Being placed as a coach on a team also requires successful completion of a background check.

To register for tryouts, to ask a question, or to volunteer as a coach, please contact the All Star coordinator at allstar@hyaabaseball.org.