HYAA players are selling tickets to Durham Bulls games for our annual spring fundraising event. Tickets are $10 each. This is a great deal — it’s less than equivalent tickets purchased through the Durham Bulls website! There are two types of tickets:

  1. Admission to “HYAA takes over the ballpark” on May 15th– a special event on a Friday night, with fireworks!
  2. Vouchers that can be exchanged for seats at games throughout the Bulls’ 2015 season

How does HYAA raise money from these tickets?

Of the $10 selling price, $5 of goes back to the Bulls as payment and $5 goes towards each child’s fundraising (for prize purposes).

When will vouchers be available for pick-up?

All fundraising ends on Saturday, May 2nd. Commissioners will be collecting the envelopes from each team at each practice. Vouchers, along with prizes, will be available for pick up by coaches on Wednesday, May 13th.

How will tickets to “take over the ballpark” be distributed?

All tickets for the May 15th game will be distributed at the game. HYAA will have a check-in table where the tickets can be collected.

Are there other ways to contribute?

Of course, some people will not want to purchase Bulls vouchers, so flat donations are accepted as well (cash or check made out to HYAA). And we are also selling HYAA t-shirts. The full $15 collected for each t-shirt will count towards each child’s fundraising.

When are vouchers good for?

Vouchers are good for any Sunday through Thursday 2015 home game for the Durham Bulls.

What seats are the vouchers good for?

Vouchers can be redeemed for any available seats in the following sections:

  • Terrace View (sections 209-218)
  • Outfield Reserved (sections 128-134)

Where and when can vouchers be exchanged for tickets?

Vouchers can be exchanged at the Durham Bulls box office before any Sunday-Thursday home game, whether you want to see a game that day or a week/month later.

What’s the difference between HYAA night tickets (May 15th) and voucher sales?

We are asking everyone to keep the HYAA night ticket sales to HYAA players and family. The reason is that we only have 1,400 seats being reserved for us that night. For all others, please sell the vouchers to use for the remainder of the season.

What do the t-shirts look like?

The T-shirt is the one pictured on the fundraising envelope as well as the prize sheet.